The Real Pearl Foundation is a public benefit non-governmental civil organisation, whose main purpose is the basic art education, talent development, the development of socially disadvantaged and Roma pupils, family care, and the organisation of vocational training courses.

The Igazgyöngy (“real pearl”) Foundation for art education is based in one of the poorest parts of Hungary. The Foundation operates a basic art school in six different locations in the area, educating 670 children, 70% of whom are underprivileged; 250 live in deep poverty, most coming from gipsy families.

For Igazgyöngy Foundation, art education in very poor areas means extended pedagogical work that focuses not only on the children and the goals of art education, but also the social-educational background of the children’s families, the communities they live in. Our teachers constantly work on involving the families of the children in visual art activities in order to promote cohesion in the village communities and the families, as well as to provide positive models for the children.

  • Integration
  • Social wor
  • Art projects
  • Picture gallery
  • Dissemination
[1] Basic art schools provide extra-curricular activities. They are not part of regular schools; they serve the needs of schoolchildren of different ages, coming from different schools in certain neighbourhoods. They serve to complement compulsory school education, and so are meant for children who have a keen interest in one form of art or another. Any child may attend them; there are no special entrance criteria.