About us

Our foundation, the ‘Real Pearl’ (‘Igazgyöngy’) has been active since 1999 in an area located in the east of Hungary, near the Romanian boarder, which is one of the 33 most disadvantaged micro-regions of the country. Our main activities are talent development and personality development with an emphasis on children from underprivileged backgrounds.

The foundation operates the Igazgyöngy Basic Art Education Institute which provides an opportunity for creative activity at 6 different locations for 670 children coming from 23 different settlements. Nearly 70% of the students are underprivileged, of whom around 250 live in deep poverty. The majority of these children are Roma.

The students of the institute win close to 500 awards annually at national and international competitions. Our methods have attracted great interest among teachers and other specialists in Hungary and abroad as well.

In addition to education we have begun the development of a special model for a holistic approach to integration and development. Our goal is to compensate the disadvantages of children from underprivileged backgrounds, to help their integration and to improve their livelihood, opportunities and future prospects. The three pillars of our model are education, social work and cooperation among institutions.

We believe that through improving the opportunities of the children we can create a better and more livable world.