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Art school


The Real Pearl Art School offers art education to the children from 12 municipalities in Hajdú-Bihar county, in the field of visual and applied arts, dance, and on the faculties of graphic design, painting, handicraft, enamel, ceramics and social dances.


The specialty of the school is the art education of disadvantaged and Roma pupils and of children with special educational needs. We started our work in 2000.


The goal of our institution is to provide a possibility to create to a wider mass of children, combining the art education with the development of their personality. For us art education isn’t elite education. We believe that the developing effect of art and creation is important and constructive. It develops skills and abilities which are very important from the development of the personality, but which are barely addressed by the traditional general education.


From the beginning we were more successful while using alternative methods then with the traditional teaching methods. The alternative methods offer solutions to a number of problems which we encounter on a daily basis because of the special group of children we work with. Among our pupils there are several who attend the Institute for Special Needs Education, their inclusion into the groups is an extra task.


We teach the children integrated. Nowadays we can say that our pupils are members of a community where they accept each other. Our courses are real liberal and creative workshops, where the teachers try to get the most out of the kids with personalised development oriented tasks. During the classes there’s nothing limiting the carefree creative work. During the work the task itself is the only disciplinary factor, because a suitably committed, with appropriate tasks provided and sufficiently motivated child only concentrates on the activity at hand. To reach this goal, it is very important to develop tasks which correspond to his or her age and individual development, as well as the follow up and evaluation of his or her personality. Our current experience proves that the failure and disadvantage of the Roma children at school can be substantially decreased by the art education of which the child itself is the centre.


In our program we try to grant diversity a value. This means that the specific and individual approaches, which constitute the base of the art education, combined with the adequate knowledge, are rendered to serve the development of the personality.


To be able to follow up this procedure we need to know the Roma children and their families (their condition, their habits), the creation of a sufficient motivation, the atmosphere of trust, the generation of constant success, the right choice of topic, etc.


According to our current experience, the program provides measurable results. The Roma children, who participate in our program, attend regularly the courses, their work ethic ameliorates, their emotional world is enriched. Since they constantly achieve success, their self-esteem is restored, they develop a positive self-image, and this can be measured on their activity at the general school.


Their attitude towards the school changes, and with the participation on exhibitions and on the award ceremonies of competitions a new behavioural model is formed. Learning the visual and other knowledge integrated in the tasks is much easier during the creation procedure, this way along with the emotional development we also affect their intellectual development. We have ever expanding relationship with the families of the children, we try to guide their relationship with the school toward a positive direction.


Our school publishes the “It is good to create!” textbook family, which is based on the experiential approach of the lower level visual education, as well as several art education projects, methodological guides. During the last years we prepared 13 textbooks and methodological guides. Among these, beside the books on visual education, there are publications on alternative methodology and integrated education.


We have many partners who seek our experience, we have regular and animate relationship with several associations, general schools who teach Roma children, higher education institutions.


We are regularly invited to national and international conferences, exchanges of experiences or discussion forums for experts on education and equal opportunity.


We would like to share our knowledge with others, so every year we organise vocational trainings, exhibitions, demonstrations. We organise exhibitions of the children’s creations on a regular basis, where, beside the creations of the workshops the products of our projects are also presented.


’Realpearl’ Basic Art-Educational Foundation

Our art school foundationally maintained in East-Hungary has been operating since 2000, with centre in Berettyóújfalu. It provides creating facilities in 6 bases for the age-group from 6 to 22, of fine, applied and dance art.

The school has a qualification of „excellently approved”.

The number of our students is about 600, more than 60% is underprivileged, with high rate of gipsy pupils.

Our most important task is to help their personality development, compensate their disadvantages with the means of art education. Our lessons are real creative workshops where taking on individuality and identity has overriding importance. We try to connect art to life more ways to build it in the children’s personalities as determining factor.

Among our applied methods there are many local innovations, alternative ones. (Cooperative methods, differentiation, individual development, projects, social competence-improving programs). We continuously search for the most suitable means to widen the visual means of expression of our students with the maximal usage of educational possibilities.

We hand our tried and successful methods down to others in conferences, teacher trainings, meetings inland and abroad. Our books and methodological publications help to popularize our child-centred methods.

Our students are extremely successful in domestic and foreign children drawing applications, they bring 400-500 awards annually from all around the world. We are regularly invited to international workshops and organize change-programs with foreign partners.

In our extensive partner system there are institutions and organizations which deal with artistic education, teacher training, chance equality, in Hungary, bordering regions, and in some countries of Europe and Asia.


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Telephone, fax: 00-36-54-400-131