Our international events

International Workshop in Brussels

November 25, 2013
OSI organized an international workshop in the framework of the Grassroots Project, in Brussels. Eight countries participated in this program based on exchange of experience related to integration in which several representatives of European Parliament also got engaged. We gave a taste of our activity by presenting a short film, and then Nóra Ritók had the possibility to share her opinion about the utilization of integration aiming sources provided by European Union.


Training in Slovakia

November 22, 2013
On 21 and 22 November, in Slovakia, we held a training about our child centered visual educational methods to teachers in Ipolyság and Párkány. In Hungarian schools, a part of teachers met us for the first time; however, with others, we had already worked together many times. The tasks were related to the Christmas festivities with frameworks and techniques that could be easily used to further develop by professionals. The superb atmosphere of the trainings and the successful works delighted all of us.

Párkány, továbbképzés

International Workshop in Brasov

November 13, 2013
From November 13, in Brasov, Romania, we participated in an international workshop organized by Erste Foundation. In this exchange of experience, our foundation was represented by Anikó Szabó, Jenőné Balogh, and Roland Balogh. Nóra Feldmár was among the organizers.
The program, in which 15-20 organizations were involved, among them the Pearl Foundation, was held by the Erste Foundation in terms of Roma integration from 13 to 16 November in Brasov.
Participants presented their activities, function, successes, obstacles, difficulties, and plans for the future.
Everyone was really open to another, since great opportunities were given to build relationship and gain ideas by means of which they can make their own model better, more perfect, and more functional.
Food and drinks were catered by FAST, they also organized a group excursion to the segregated area which well illustrated the local conditions.
One of the characteristics of the event was the equal participation of Roma and non-Roma people and their common intention to find solution to existing problems.


In Evora

October 21, 2013
This year, we received an invitation again to the international children’s art meeting in Evora, Portugal. Participant, Boglárka Juhász was accompanied by Nóra Ritók. The week was fulfilled by creating work of art in Evora and Monsaraz and visiting Lisbon and Fátima. Marvelous ancient buildings, cathedrals, and Roman ruins provided the topics of our work and places were determined by organizers. At the end of the week, we displayed all artifacts on the main square, so many tourists and inhabitants could view them. It was interesting to see how national characteristics and vision reflect on paintings and graphics. Artworks made with realist approach and classic techniques significantly predominated. Ten countries participated in this event besides the host Portugal; Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Macedonia, and Hungary from Europe; India and China from Asia. Previously sent artwork was also prized, our school obtained several awards. Bogi won a silver medal. She is very gifted and talented not only in drawing, but also in dancing; during the ending event, she dazzled the public with her belly dance performance.

‘Voices for Tomorrow’ Vienna

September 14, 2013
The next stage of the program series, named Voices for Tomorrow, organized by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation was an artist preparation training held in Vienna on 14 and 15 September 2013. MUS-E Magyarország was also invited to this event. In the intensive training participated artists from Belgium, France, Serbia, and Hungary (among them ten Hungarian visual artists, dancers, actors, and musicians). Gólyáné Vad Anikó, pedagogue of the Pearl Art School and representative of the József Attila Elementary School’s MUS-E program got involved in the training.

Advanced studies

September 2, 2013
This summer, we imparted our methods and approach to Hungarian pedagogues who live and work in adjacent countries in two Summer Academies. In Komárom, Csilla Kiss Papp and Leila Kocsis held a training organized by the Slovakian Association of Hungarian Pedagogues; in Subotica the trainer was Nóra Ritók. Teachers made wonderful artwork in a great workshop; they tried new techniques in practice and felt the importance of pedagogic emphases. Some of the pedagogues immediately ‘tested’ new methods with children; the attached pictures represent Emília Grubanov’s daughter, Dorottya’s artifacts.

International Award of Real Pearl Foundation

June 29, 2013
Our biomass briquette project (green firelog project) was awarded in the social innovation competition of Erste and won a six thousand euro prize. This sum will be expended on the amelioration of biomass briquette project.